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When I was younger, my dad lost custody of me (not because he was a bad dad, but because my mother) but I would always sneak out of the house to see him. We would star gaze and talk about aliens. He eventually got full custody of me. These are happy memories, and I now star gaze whenever I can. (wrist)


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So before you cringe, please understand. BTS have been apart of my life for almost four years now. My confidence has boosted and my love for myself has gone up. Of course they didn't just magically "fix me" I had to do that for myself. BUT, their stories and music have brought me to the point of helping myself. Also the "love yourself" designs are beautiful (ankle)

Song lyrics

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Music has been apart of my life forever. I have so many song lyrics / songs that have got me through tough days, months, and even years. I'm a huge fan of poetry and writing so yeah :) (Falling forward towards you, you never walk alone) (anywere)


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Growing up, my family owned a ton of angel statues and put them in the backyard. It would be considered creepy to some, but I personally loved looking at them. It wasn't until someone close to me passed away that I started to believe I have a guardian angel. (I'm not religious, I guess I just find comfort in that idea) (lower back)

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