hey! i'm a huge fan of one direction, so i wanted to do this tag! enjoy :)

⇢ | favourite member

louis tomlinson and one direction image Temporarily removed
louis, my sun, my everything.

⇢ | first song you heard

1d, one direction, and what makes you beautiful image one direction, Harry Styles, and zayn malik image
what makes you beautiful :)

⇢ | favourite song

Lyrics, one direction, and 18 image one direction, Harry Styles, and niall horan image

⇢ | favourite music vídeo

one direction, liam payne, and louis tomlinson image b&w, quotes, and niall horan image
story of my life! for me this is the most personal clip of the boys

⇢ | favourite song cover

Temporarily removed Image by arzu
use somebody & torn

⇢ | favourite album

one direction, liam payne, and Harry Styles image one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image
definitely four

⇢ | favourite up all night song

quotes, you, and grunge image Temporarily removed

⇢ | favourite take me home song

Flagged For Review Flagged For Review
summer love & truly, madly, deeply. i can't choose one

⇢ | favourite midnight memories song

aesthetic, quote, and pale image mood, quotes, and song lyric image
something great (louis' solo it's just so powerful)

⇢ | favourite four song

stars, one direction, and quotes image aesthetic, indie, and pale image
fool's gold & where do broken hearts go (didn't put 18 bc it's already in my fav song so) (i think this was the most difficult choice i've ever done)

⇢ | favourite made in the a.m. song

Lyrics image Temporarily removed
walking in the wind & if i could fly

⇢ | favourite tour

concert, exom, and exo m image one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image
where we are tour (was the most beautiful, the bigger and i WENT so!!!)

⇢ | have you ever been to any concert?

brazil, Harry Styles, and one direction image Image by arzu
BRASIL!!! (but i went to harry's solo concert and niall's solo 2x)

⇢ | favourite solo harry song

beauty, styles, and 1d image beauty, styles, and 1d image
ever since new york

⇢ | favourite solo louis song

louis tomlinson, tumblr, and lockscreen image tumblr, just like you, and lockscreen image
just like you

⇢ | favourite solo niall song

Lyrics, wave, and album image aesthetic, couple, and drawing image
the tide & flicker

⇢ | favourite solo liam song

screen, wallpaper, and wallpapers image british, music, and song image
first time

that's it thanks for seeing!!