Part I- For a day like today I wouldn't give all my money or all my heart / Nor would I for another day with you / Not because I don't care, but because that's not how we work / That's not what you would like / Same as I for you /

Part II- I have alarms I don't use to remind me of you / For when you're awake-- I already know / "Awake at eight" that's what you told me on your first day / And no matter day-- your Saturday or holiday-- you're up / At exactly eight o clock / Your time / Our respected clocks show the same number just one's day and one's night / And my clock hands that once moved so quickly with you / Now hardly move at all / I sleep while you're awake and vice versa / We have our blessed minutes around / Where time moves rapidly again / I fall asleep knowing you won't be the first thing I see in the morning / But each night slept brings you closer /

Part III- You tell me it's just my smile you'll want to see, while you're bleary eyed / Show me you're happy / I think maybe we care too much /

Part IV- Dream time dream time calls / Please deny her blissful void and stay here with me instead / But awake by eight after your whiskey and work / I know that you're tired, early mornings call / Yet we'll stay around until our dismissal / I let you go / Because that's what we always did, you and I /

Part V- My neighbours saw your car pull up to my dark house at 12: 45 AM / Although curfew was eleven, they never bothered us / Remember summer when the sun rose at five? / And we saw it from the front seats? / Our golden ticket to the world's greatest spectacle / My sunset is now your sunrise / And my summer fling turned into real things, hopefully /
Those are the days that I would give all my money and heart for-- not today / But I wouldn't because that isn't what we do / And both of us know that our lives aren't love songs or poetry / And thinking ahead our money will be tight

So I'll look at the stars and the rising moon and setting sun
And I'll know that you just saw them


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