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1: whats your favourite candle scent?

i love coffee flavoured everything, especially candles
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2: what celebrity do you wish was your sister?

honestly, i think kendall jenner would be so cool to be a sister with. and if i was her sister, i would be a karadashian
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3: what celebrity do you wish was your brother?

blackbear! he's so precious
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4: how old do you think you'll be when you get married?

i don't know if i'm the type of person who would get married, but hopefully time will tell. if i get married, i would like it to be before i turn 30
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*5: do you know a hoarder?

i feel like just about everyone hoards at least something, but technically i have never met an actual hoarder
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6: can you do a split?

i wish omg. being able to do the splits is such a power move
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7: how old were you when you learnt how to ride a bike?

i think i was about 6 or 7 maybe? i stopped riding a bike and developed a fear when i was 11 because i fell off my scooter and had to get surgery. to this day i still have a fear of riding a bike but i really try to ride it cause i love doing it
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8: how many oceans have you swam in?

i have only swam in the pacific ocean
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9: how many countries have you been to?

i live in australia, and i have been to england, singapore, dubai, new caledonia and possible more when i was younger. so i have been to five countries as of right now
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10: is anyone in your family in the army?

one of my cousins is in the army. my brother has been accepted into the air force, but chose not to go. i would love to be in the air force and study surgery through the australian defence force
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11: what would you name your daughter if you had one?

i love the names casey, maya and ember for girls
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12: what would you name your son if you had one?

i think i would name my son either keegan or lorenzo. they just sound so nice
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13: what's he worst grade you've ever gotten on a test?

i think when i was in grade 6 i got 25% on this one exam, my mum almost made me repeat the grade but most people ended up failing it anyway, so luckily she didn't.
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14: what was your favourite show as a child?

bear in the big blue house!
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15: what did you dress up for halloween when you were eight?

i don't remember exactly but it was probably a black cat or a trash bag lmao
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16: have you ever read any of twilight, harry potter or hunger games theories?

no i haven't but i've read another book by the author of twilight called life and death: twilight reimagined where basically the genders of bella and edward and all of the other protagonists are the opposite genders. its worth a read
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17: would you rather have a british accent or american

british all the way
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18: did your mother go to college/university

she want to college around 3 years ago to study nutropathy
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19: are your grandparents still married?

yes they are on both sides
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20: have you ever taken karate lessons?

no but i wish i had, thats so freaking cool!
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21: do you know who kermit the frog is?

i wouldn't be who i am today with my boy kermit
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22: what's the first amusement park/ theme park you went to?

dream world in the gold coast
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23: what language, besides your native language, would you like to be fluent in?

i would kill to be fluent in swedish! i use duolingo everyday because i just love their culture and would love to live there one day in the future.
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24: do you spell it grey or gray?

grey but i think thats wrong based on my location
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25: is your father bald?

no lmao he'd look freaky if he was
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26: do you know any triplets?

yes actually! when i was in year 7 i was in a class with one of them. two were identical and the only one wasn't.
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27: do you prefer titanic or the notebook?

titanic gets me in my feels every time
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28: have you ever had indian food?

yes!! theres this really good indian place down the street from my house and my step dad gets it all the time
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29: what's the name of your favourite restaurant?

red rooster HAHAHAH
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30: have you ever been to olive garden?

the dont have it in australia :( i wish they did because apparently the bread sticks are really good
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31: do you belong to any warehouse stores?

lol what does that even mean?
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32: what would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender?

my parents literally names me a boys name so i'm assuming the name would have been consistent
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33: do you have a nickname? what is it?

yeah a lot of people call me t or tea haha
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34: who is your favourite person in the whole word?

do dogs count?
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35: would you rather live in a rural area or live in the suburbs?

i love living in both but i think living rurally is nicer
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36: can you whistle?

both in and out
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37: do you sleep with a night light?

i cant sleep with any lights on
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38: do you eat breakfast every morning?

i usually eat an apple every morning or have weet bix
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39: do you take pills and medication daily?

yes i take anti anxiety and hay fever daily
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40: what medical conditions do you have?

i have asthma, hay fever, anxiety, pcos and an unknown disease
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41: have you ever been to the hospital?

i have been to the hospital for medical emergencies in 3 countries
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42: have you ever seen finding nemo?

only 28 million times
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43: where do you buy your jeans?

usually i get them from jayjays, ally, cotton on or H&M
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44: what's the last compliment you got?

"you look so good today"
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45: do you usually remember your dreams in the morning?

sometimes i don't remember dreams at all but other time i remember them so clearly and they feel very real.
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46: what type of tea do you like?

i like blue label and chai tea, but i prefer coffee of tea tbh
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47: how many pairs of shoes do you currently own?

nine but probably only 3 fit me
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48: what religion will you raise your kids to practice?

i am an athiest but i wont force that onto my kids, i will leave it up to them. i will send them to schools that dont follow religion and let students speak freely about their beliefs
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49: how old were you when you found out santa was real?

my brother told me when i was FIVE
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50: why do you have WHI?

i use it to find photos for my themed instagram and also t express myself.

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