books or movies

book, read, and milk and honey image photography, book aesthetic, and aesthetic image
i prefer books, i really love reading poetry

trains or planes

travel, sky, and clouds image Temporarily removed
i guess ive never really been on either but i love the idea of flying

sneakers or heels

vans, beach, and shoes image red, flowers, and converse image
i used to spend all my money on heels but now all i wear are vans and converse

winter or summer

snow, winter, and photography image winter, snow, and city image
dont get me wrong i do love summer, i just feel like winter is more cozy and beautiful

spring or fall

pumpkin, fall, and autumn image autumn, leaves, and fall image
i love the colors in fall, and of course Halloween

sunrise or sunset

beautiful, clouds, and joy image friends, sunset, and sky image
i like sunrises more, even though they are equally beautiful, because sunrises mark the beginning of a new day with new opportunities and experiences waiting for you

oceans or forests

Image removed Image removed
i love oceans because there is so much to be discovered still

hots dogs or pizza

food, pizza, and heart image Temporarily removed
there are so many different ways to make pizza, how can you not love it?

jeans or dress

fashion, girl, and jeans image fashion, jeans, and flowers image
i love love love jeans

hugs or kisses

animal, dog, and pet image Image by 💎 __Chø_Cö_LåT__💎
hugs make me feel safe and warm

black & white or colors

girl, summer, and black and white image world, quotes, and black and white image
i feel like black & white picture have a different feeling to them and i really like that

drawing or painting

Temporarily removed drawing, art, and draw image
i cannot paint for the life of me, so i guess id have to say i like drawing more

chocolate or vanilla

chocolate, food, and delicious image marshmallow, chocolate, and hot ​chocolate image
chocolate has always been and always will be my favorite

Thanks for reading ♥

The article I based this off was by the lovely Blair.