this playlist is full of different sound and types of music, most of them are for the good vibe, self love and confidence, so just enjoy it. listen on spotify:

in a minute - poppy
iconic - poppy
thank u, next - ariana grande
veneno - anitta

Image by Nique fashion, shoes, and boots image Versace, fashion, and model image Dream, quotes, and aesthetic image

sue me - sabrina carpenter
girls in bikini - poppy
monalisa - sabrina carpenter
black car - miriam bryant, ALMA

model, orange, and melanin image aesthetics, banana, and fashion image theme, aesthetic, and red image beauty, makeup, and red lips image

time - luka kloser
goals - anitta
take you there - h.e.r
tempo - exo

photography image art image girl, summer, and water image makeup, aesthetic, and theme image