Name: Tilly
Age: 18
Birthday: 18th January, Capricorn
Origin: England


girl, eyes, and black image hair, girl, and summer image abs, autumn, and fashion image Temporarily removed
Hazel eyes, dirty blonde hair, fairly tall, natural looking makeup


fashion, girl, and style image Temporarily removed shoes, black, and heels image hair, girl, and beach image
Baggy and comfortable jumpers, Ripped skinny jeans, boots & a clutch/handbag, simple hairstyles

Dream Job

madelaine petsch, riverdale, and cheryl blossom image girl, rainbow, and beauty image
An actress or makeup artist for TV shows/films :))


bandana, boys, and eurovision image Temporarily removed couple, love, and kiss image kris, snapchat, and kristian kostov image
Someone with a unique style, cute affff and will take care of me! Preferably i'd want them to be from europe but can speak fluently in English, will understand my sense of humour and i'd like them to be talented in something :))


Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed ariana grande, troye sivan, and ariana image

Dream House

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed city, bedroom, and view image apartment, city, and flat image
I'd love to have an apartment in the city with an incredible view!


aesthetic, asia, and china image aesthetic, asia, and holiday image travel, russia, and moscow image Temporarily removed
I would love to travel the world ღ


camera, photos, and tea image polaroid, camera, and couple image Temporarily removed beauty, brown, and inspo image
Photography, dance & makeup


cat, animal, and cute image Temporarily removed cat, animal, and cute image cat, white, and animal image
I'd honestly be the happiest person on earth if I had a ton of cats or kittens!

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