I've spent this last month of my life listening nothing but korean girl groups and I love it!
It's really easy for me to get all obsessed about a new thing every once in a while. And I think is because when I like something new I like to know everything there is to know about the thing. I love to getting involved in a whole new universe.
So this time I decided to give K-pop a chance because why not? You know, I never actually pay attention to korean groups until know and I sort of regret it because I never thought I was missing on so many bops:( but is never too late, am I right?
Anyway, the thing is that I decided to stick only to girl groups (I don't a have a good reason for this, hehe) and all I can say is that I have become a big fan!! Between the catchy songs, slow songs and mostly charmings personalities it was hard no to fall in love with these girls. Especially Red Velvet, Blackpink and LOONA:D These gg are my favs, but I admit that Red Velvet has my heart entirely thanks to all of the funny videos, heart-warming videos and beatiful presentations. Not to mention that I have fallen deeply in love with Irene, haha :(
I plan on listening to others girl groups and let myself being swallowed by Kpop girls, because I found out that it makes me really happy listening to their songs and watching their videos.
In the meantime I'll let a small list of my favorite songs by these (and other) girl groups.
(I'm sorry if there's any mistake in the redaction or orthography, english is not my first language and I'm really trying to improve it n.n)

What Is Love? - TWICE
I Love You, I Remember You - I.O.I
Let Me In - HaSeul/LOONA
Egoist - Olivia Hye/LOONA
Egotistic - Mamamoo
You Better Know - Red Velvet (My favorite!) Hope you give it a chance! <3