my name style is classic, familiar but hopefully still quite uncommon. for boys admittedly i prefer established names, for girls i like to think i am more adventurous. i love irish boys names and girls names that have the 'Vee/Vi/V' sound in. all the name statistics are from the UK, where I live.

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Nolan Arlo

nickname: Noel, Nono
meaning: "champion", "fortified hill"
popularity: #556, #49
reason: i think both names flow beautifully together. they sound strong but also have a soft element. Nolan is my all time favourite boys name.

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Ivy Olivia

nickname: Vivi
meaning: "botanical name, plant", "olive tree"
popularity: #33, #1
reason: Ivy is a beautiful, sweet, simple name and I have a thing for the letter 3 so i love that it has three letters. it is classic and elegant. olivia is one of my middle names and as my mum passed her middle name down to me, i'd like to do the same. i'm not a big fan of my first name but i do go by my middle name a lot.

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Elliott Theodore

nickname: Eli, Leo, Elio
meaning: "Jehovah is God", "Gift of God"
popularity: #74, #42
reason: Elliott/Eliot/Elliot (i am unsure of which spelling i prefer, honestly) is a gorgeous literary name that is known but not too common. i love all the potential nicknames. Theodore is also a first-name contender however i just cant help love Elliott more.

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Violet Elodie

nickname: Vi,
meaning: "purple", "foreign riches"
popularity: #63, #166
reason: violet is a family name and honours a great grandma who i have never met yet was very formative in my mum's youth. i also love how timeless it is. some have concerns it sounds too similar to violent, but in my accent i don't really hear it. i also adore the similar Violaine, however i feel almost as if its too "out there." Elodie is an adorable, melodic name which I have always loved.

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Finley Oscar

nickname: Finn, Finny
meaning: "fair-haired hero", "champion warrior"
popularity: #35, #10
reason: now I have had a few friends name finnley, finley, finnlay, finlay before but i still love it. i once met a little boy named finley and he absolutely charmed me, he was so sweet. ever since, I've loved the name. Oscar to me is very similar to how i feel about theodore, however i cant help but think about it being a "dogs name."

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Evanna Penelope

nickname: Eva, Vanna, Evie, Anna, Nellie
meaning: "God is gracious", "silent worker, weaver"
popularity: #2,952, #63
reason: evanna is very rare where i'm from and i suppose my little girl may hate her rare name but hopefully she'd grow to see her beautiful it is. I love the nicknames and elegant sound of the name. It's also welsh and as I have lots of family from there, I like the origin. Penelope is just a beautiful name that I also love the nicknames for (Nellie, Penny, Nell) however for some reason, don't imagine as a first name.