Christmas movies that just don't get enough credit.

1. Fred Claus

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This is probably THE MOST underrated christmas movie ever. In my opinion it has the most beautiful north pole/santas village I have ever seen. Oh and if Vince Vaughn playing fred claus (santa's bro) wasn't enough, Ludacris plays an elf called dj donnie.. so many good things about this movie.

2. Tyler perry's a Madea Christmas
If you're in need of a good laugh, just watch. Thank me later.

3. Hallmark movies
- snowed inn christmas
- december bride
- im not ready for christmas
There is so many good ones if you're in the mood for cheesy romance movies. Plus the scenery in hallmark movies is beautiful, every scene has christmas decorations lol.

4. Krampus
Can I just say Krampus is actually a really good movie, so if you're in the need of a christmas horror movie, this might be the only one.

5. A Muppets Family Christmas
It baffles me that I have known people who don't know about this movie. It's even more frustrating that the muppets version of 'we need a little christmas' isn't on spotify but the glee cast version is??????????

6. Santa Clause Movies
All 3 of them. They also have a beautiful santas workshop. The reindeer are great. the elves are great. everything is so great and underrated.

7. Prep & Landing
1 and 2. They're only short movies but they're actually really cute and I like them a lot.

8. Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas
Again, both of them. How does something Disney even go underrated??

8. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
I'm talking like the original 1964 rudolph. I know this sounds like a popular one but you'd be surprised how many people never watch this movie.

9. Almost Christmas
I actually watched this in the summer lol but it was really cute and funny.

I'm sure I'm missing so much more but I don't like making articles toooo long so. Now go watch these movies if you haven't already! :)