disclaimer: I love ALL members of Twice and honestly i'm just doing this for fun so if a member is at #9 that doesn't mean I "hate" them or anything like that, i'll put reasons for why each member is at each ranking. (:

1. dahyun

dahyun and gif image
I first saw dahyun on the reality show weekly idol and from there she became my bias in twice and is actually the reason I got into twice, I love her fun outgoing personality and she's just so CUTE!

2. sana

gif, kpop, and twice image
sana is my bias wrecker from twice. honestly she's so pretty and i'm confused as to why she's not a visual??? but anyways I love her voice and her smile and her personality.

3. nayeon

gif, twice, and nayeon image
nayeon is SO PRETTY and tbh how she caught my eye is she looks like a character from a kdrama I watched but I can't remember which one? But I would defintley say she's another bias wrecker.

4. jihyo

Temporarily removed
AHH probably my favorite gg leader when it comes to kpop (: and I love her hair short honestly what a VISUAL.

5. chaeyoung

gif, kpop, and twice image
for the LONGEST time I thought she was the actual maknae lol.

6. jeongyeon

gif, twice, and jeongyeon image

7. tzuyu

gif, momo, and twice image
for the LONGEST time I thought people only liked tzuyu because she was pretty or whatever but how IGNORANT of me she's honestly so kind and shy which I can relate to lol.

8. mina

gif, twice, and mina image
mina is so pretty she's like a doll and she's truly shining in this new twice era which I love.

9. momo

gif, momo, and twice image
honestly the reason momo is at rank 9 is just because I don't know her well enough like the other members but I do know she's an amazing dancer and obviously a visual just like all the other members lol. I get her and mina mixed up sometimes but IDK HOW?? anyways I hope to get to know momo and all the twice members better in the future.

thanks for reading