a playlist of my personal preferences and maybe others' too. enjoy.
spotify: joydivisixns

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed red, aesthetic, and theme image aesthetic and dark image
one for the road - arctic monkeys
girl, sunset, and photography image Image removed love image Temporarily removed
hunger - florence and the machine
Temporarily removed hairstyle, tumblr instagram, and alternative vintage image Temporarily removed art, aesthetic, and statue image
only angel - harry styles
Image removed necklace, gold, and accessories image mirror, gold, and aesthetic image aesthetic, art, and detail image
honey whiskey - nothing but thieves
50mm, brown, and girl image poster, art, and print image travel, rome, and architecture image art, angel, and painting image
ophelia - the lumineers
Temporarily removed pale, art, and grunge image Temporarily removed art, paint, and aesthetic image
postcard - troye sivan