First of all: i'm so sorry if there's mistakes, English isn't my mother tongue...

Can we talk about this album, please?

I've been obsessed with it since it was released, i've been listening all day long just stoping for necessary reasons.

It's amazing how they can write songs with such a deep meaning. Most of their songs make me dance but then when I sit down and I listen carefully to those songs and I pay attention to their lyrics I realise that they are so meaningful...

I'm gonna let you with the songs and some wallpaper i've made with some lyrics (I hope I didn't mess up some lyrics or something).
I really want to do an aesthetic of this album but with photos taken by me, so you better be patient if you want to see it...

I'm not going to comment all the song but it's not because I don't like them, I do, It's just because I don't remember my first impressions or something relevant about them.


nature, mountains, and lake image
This was so lit since the moment it came out


dragons, imagine, and music image


dragons, imagine, and music image

Cool out

quotes and wallpaper image
Ok so the part where it says "i'm not the one for you". That part breaks my heart.

Bad liar

dragons, imagine, and music image
this is the only photo of this post that I took

West coast

dragons, imagine, and music image
I cried so so bad with this song...


dragons, imagine, and music image

Bullet in a gun

dragons, frase, and imagine image
Ok the first time I laughed so hard in the part where it says "bullet in a gun (heey)". It was funny.


city, sky, and wallpaper image
I wanted to listen to this song since they put it in the announce of the album. I needed to listen that "we are the face of the future" song.


wallpaper, summer, and water image


quotes image
well I'm stuck in this song... and in all the album.


quotes image
At first, I though this song was going to be about a love relationship, a couple, but no. I really like this song, it's message and the fact that it's not what it seemed.


quotes, music, and imagine dragons image
birds fly in every direction i hope to see you again, fly high, fly high...

Burn out

alternative, alternative music, and dragons image

Real life

dragons, imagine, and music image
The first time I listened to this song I danced but then when I put attention to the lyrics it was like a punch to the stomach. I feel exactly like the girl he sings about. I don't even like to watch the news, I don't want to see all the catastrophes of the world.

So that's all. I'm not disappointed.

And again it has an amazing cover.