Hey hearters,
today I decided to write another article about tv shows, these are some of my favorite tv shows + MY opinions on them.


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A couple of people suggested the haunting of hill house to me, but I kept refusing to watch it `cause I was never really a fan of horror movies/shows or anything scary in general. BUT one night I was bored and started watching and I think I would regret if I didn`t watch it. First, it`s not scary at all, it`s actually really just emotional. Second, I have to say one of the best shows I EVER watched. So if you have time I recommend watching it, it`s just amazing.


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this one, this show has been around me growing up but I never sat down to watch it from the beginning till the end and when I did it became one of my favorite shows. It taught me so so so much about life and friendship and love. Now I watch it when I`m sad, `cause it makes me laugh, when I`m bored and when I`m happy. So if you need a good laugh or you`re going through some really tough time right now, go watch it.


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I`ve been watching Riverdale literally since the day it came out and it has been almost two years since that. A few of people told me they don`t like it `cause it makes them cringe and that the whole story is one big cliche, okay everyone has their own opinions and I respect that, but if you listened to these opinions and never gave the show a chance, yeah just don`t do that, give it a try! To me the best season so far was season one, season two by my opinion wasn`t that great but I still watched it. In October this year, season 3 started airing and so far they improved the show so much, it`s better, the characters evolved and are still evolving and the plot is amazing, so far!


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I already listed this in my previous artcile, but It`s worth watching. I never liked it as a kid, mostly `cause it`s not for kids (lol). But, one day my mum told me she used to watch it and liked it, so I gave it a shot and if I didn`t, I would have never found my favorite tv show.


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I laughed and cried with this show, and it`s brilliant, just brilliant, Kinda makes you fix and focus on yourself. Teaches you that love is most important thing.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading! I will probably do a part 2, I didn`t list all of my favorite shows and there`s more.

And for the ending, just this picture:

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xoxo, Tina 😉