These are songs that I love and make me feel really good about myself and life. I always feel like things will get better when I listen to these even tho some are sad, they make me feel alive and that's why I don't skip them. I encourage you to post your "songs I never skip" on whi as well!!
rainbow, sky, and nature image Temporarily removed
  • billie eilish ~ bellyache
  • melanie martinez ~ pacify her
  • lana del rey ~ high by the beach
  • Carl sagan ~ night moves
  • the whitest boy alive ~ burning
beautiful, night, and pink image pink, sunset, and sky image
  • arctic monkeys ~ do I wanna know?
  • the strokes ~ reptilia
  • petit biscuit ~ sunset lover
  • washed out ~ feel it all around
  • fitz and the tantrums ~ out of my league
Temporarily removed girl, grunge, and flowers image
  • frills ~ dam girl
  • sir sly ~ high
  • two feet ~ i feel like I'm drowning
  • the neighbourhood ~ sweater weather
  • lo air ~ day and night