Hi everyone! 💖

I can't explain in words what is happening in my head… It was kind of a bad week for me, really emotional and wrong… And now that I have a day off tomorrow and that I can rest a bit, I was thinking "I need to write something..." scrolling down Facebook… Then I received a notification and it was about what a girl published in my soul tribe group who was struggling with her relationships (I'm not going to explain her life). I was interested in the comments so I read them and came across one that was saying to write down a list of all the things she is seeking in her "someone truly special". And I was like "OMG". This is exactly what I needed! This resonated with me so much I HAD to write about this as well! I want to tell the universe exactly what I am looking for!

Bonus: I was reading this comment when my favourite ballet music was going on: "Kitri enters" from Don Quixote. (Sorry for the ballet spam but I want to remember this!)

I'll also confess to you that I've been feeling highly connected with someone lately… The same kind of feeling I experiment when I'm in love (I've been in love once so I can tell), except that I don't know this person, can't see him/her and don't know his/her name… It's like spiritual... Maybe I sound weird but I wanted to specify this! 💖

So let's do this!

1. It's a boy

I'm not convinced about this but I'm feeling my partner would be a boy. I've always had mostly girl friends and I never felt truly connected with them, even if I love my friends... So I think I need a bit more boy moods in my life! It's not the first condition but, by putting this in first position, it would be easier to write about the following points by not mentioning "him/her" every time.

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2. I'm feeling more free with him

I absolutely need freedom and emancipation… I need to see the world with him, I need to experiment, to meet new people, to learn more everyday! To drop everything and quit everything with no plan! Some of my soul tribe members would say "just do this right now!" but I know I can't and need someone I can really rely on to be able to do this! He has this same sens of adventure.
I can be myself fully with him. He lets me express my feelings freely, whether I want to talk, need to give him a hug or want to cry out of stress

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3. He is adventurous

He isn't afraid of the unknown and craves to discover new things, new people and new landscapes. He is able to buy a van and go somewhere we don't know yet!
I feel safe with him while exploring the world and new possibilities! We protect and motivate each other.

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4. He loves simple things

I need that kind of someone I can stargaze with and find constellations, lay in the grass with, walk in nature with, talk about zodiac with, go to see a funny show or a ballet with, just cuddle with, race and run on the beach with… He can easily laugh about anything! He is quirky and loves being weird!

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5. He has got stardust in his eyes

He knows how to look at everything like it's something special, including me. He knows he can't take anything for granted and he is grateful for what he has. He can admire landscapes, nature, sky and animals like they are pure magic.

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6. He talks freely

He is not afraid to speak his mind. He is really honest and knows how to speak in public about what is really important for him. He knows what he is talking about and defends what he believes in.
He can also talk to me about his emotions, what he likes, what he dislike.

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7. He is patient

He lets me speak about what I need and really listens to me. He knows how to handle my stubbornness and make me listen to love and need instead of fear and want. He knows how to make me feel empowered and loved. I know I can confess everything to him without judgment.

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8. He loves reading and taking pictures

Reading is power and he knows it. He loves immersing in another world from a fantasy book or learning from a wise book. He sees the benefits of learning from a book and others' wisdom and knowledge.
He also loves capturing moments in pictures and videos to inspire others, make them dream and prove them they can do anything they want to do.

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9. He is sentimental

He has got an artist spirit. He is a dancer, a painter, a designer, a creator… He likes to express his emotions through dance: ballet, contemporary, jazz, his own weird style… or he would love to try some dance and embrace his dance skills and he respects mine.
He is kind of romantic, he loves me endlessly and I always feel loved and secure with him.

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10. He is wise and compassionate

He knows what's up and he isn't easily influenced. He questions what he hears, seeks to make his own opinion and knows how to criticize and compare sources.
He respects life in every form and doesn't think his life is more worthy than any other.

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Thank you so much for reading! It means the world to me! And I hope it helped you too somehow! I was literally crying writing this article because I find it so beautiful and pure! It's only raw me, nothing more, nothing less!
Maybe this list will be updated to match my needs in the future but the main ideas are here!

Radiating Love!