i haven't write anything in a while but you know school is a bitch

i love harry styles and that's not new, so why not do his tag!
btw credits to whoever created this one

this was the article i followed to do this

favourite suit

Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image Harry Styles, one direction, and concert image
there's so many but this one looks so cute and just like a work of art tbh

favourie tattoo

heart, Tattoos, and 1d image Temporarily removed
the heart and the butterfly

favourite song

Harry Styles, one direction, and 1d image

favourite cover

Harry Styles image edit, Girl Crush, and Lyrics image
girl crush, fuck yes

favourite music video

solo, cute, and one direction image kiwi, Harry Styles, and one direction image
kiwi like it has food and puppies, i need to love it

favourite lyrics

two ghosts, Lyrics, and Harry Styles image
they're all too good

favourite quote

since i don't know a quote of him and when i look up for them it appears cliché shit with harry's name at the end i'll just say:


favourite photosoot

Temporarily removed Image by Mrs.Malfoy Temporarily removed Harry Styles, harry, and one direction image
this one is just an iconic blessing

favourite era

Harry Styles and gif image
2013-2014 when his hair got bigger and his style was just a hot mess

have you been to one of his concerts?

i've been to one back in 2014 when he was in one direction but solo not yet. that son of an angel didn't came to portugal in his tour so yeah:(

do you have his merch?

no, i'm a poor bitch

do you prefer long or short hair?

gif, pretty boy, and Harry Styles image
difficult one BUT he slayed tf out with his long hair

thanks for reading:)

here's my collection full of this beautiful man

and feel free to send me photos of him whenever you want, i'll appreciate for real

BTW send me a postcard or message or whatever with why you love harry styles and i'll send you the best photo of harry you'll ever see HA

flower xx