✥ Writing Without Reason ✥

It seems a little counterintuitive, doesn't it? But this was some of the best advice given to me recently as a writer.

✥ Give your imagination freedom!
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Let your imagination take you where it will. Don't ask why or where you're going. Follow that rabbit trail wherever it takes you!
It's like grasping at smoke if you try to yank the story out before it's ready.

✥ No reason.
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If you can write, you should write. Where there's a will, there's a way.
There are plenty of quotes like this I'm sure you can think of, but what do they all mean? Personally, I think they all are hiding this question within their simplicity: Why do we have to have a deep and meaningful reason to do what we love?
The simple answer is, we don't. Because you are able to write, because you have stories, because you have imagination and creativity and the desire to... These are all plenty good enough reasons to write.

✥ Put it into practice.
I'm going to tell you something incredibly liberating now. Write this down, save this article, read this till it's stuck inside you and you understand it.
You don't need to write something with hidden meanings or for a purpose.
All too often I catch myself thinking about why I'm writing something. Or what's the end goal here? What does this mean? Is this a symbol for something? What deep message am I trying to convey?
You don't have to do this! I get stuck and caught up on these questions all the time!
Try instead to write whatever comes into your head. Push yourself to just keep going no matter what. You can pick out all the deeper meanings and symbolism later.
The real reason we pick up any book is for the story. I highly doubt the majority of us want to read a book by choice to learn something. No, we want to be entertained. And if we do learn something, it's because we related to the story and figured something out about ourselves.
So write how you want to read. Write to be entertained. Write to tell a story with twists and turns that come as frequently as your imagination can come up with them.
If you do this, you may find the deeper meanings and symbolism come to life without your help.
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If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to message me! And thank you for reading.

— Aurora ✾

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