HI! This is my first semester in college where I have been blessed with the opportunity to live in an apartment. With an apartment however, I have many responsibilities to keep my place clean.

And yes, contrary to my friends beliefs, my room gets messy during the week because getting ready for class in the morning is a struggle when you try to get the maximum amount of sleep.

So here is my cleaning routine with some tips that can maybe help motivate or help you to clean!


It's important to pick a designated cleaning day. For me, it's on Saturday. I don't have work and I don't have school. Saturday is also the day when I go to the grocery store to stock up on groceries if I need anything. This way, my Sundays can be laid back.

bedroom, interior, and white image
I am the kind of person that likes to clean and leave her room looking like this-picture perfect. It gives me a sense of feeling refreshed.


Every other Saturday I like to wash my bed sheets and blankets. Just because I have very oily skin and dirty sheets are not good for my skin. Also because washing your sheets regularly makes them smell really good!

Image by MissMel


I also wash all my clothes that I used that week including my towels. Tips for laundry is to use detergent AND softener while in the washer. Some washers allow you to put in both detergent and softeners in before it starts washing, but others, like mine, require you to wait until the washer is on the "rinse" cycle. Whenever you hear water filling up the washer and you see the light on "rinse", that is when you add softener. I always use the Downy brand and get compliments on how good my clothes smell. Highly recommend!

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1. I start by putting items that are out of place away where they go. EVERYTHING should have a place. If it doesn't then that's how clutter begins to happen!

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2. Dust all the surfaces with a swiffer/duster or a rag. I typically let everything fall on my carpet. Make sure to also dust your TV, laptop, printer, speakers, etc.

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3. After dusting, I wipe down all my wood surfaces with the Pledge cleaner (or any wood cleaner!) I have a lemon scented can and it smells amazing.

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4. Vacuuming is next. Any crumbs of food or dust you allowed to fall onto the ground will be vacuumed. At the end of my vacuuming, I make sure to empty out the vacuum. If you let the dust accumulate, it won't vacuum that well.


I have my own bathroom in my room that I also like to clean on Saturdays. Here is what I do:

1. Use lemon scented Clorox wipes to wipe down the toilet from top to bottom.

bathroom, house, and interior image

2. I use Ajax cleaner to wash the inside of my toilet and I make sure to add a little scented rock to my toilet. That doesn't make sense, so I will insert a pic:

bathroom, cleaning, and fresh image
They hang inside the toilet and add a nice, strong scent to it.

This picture reminded me: it's always a good idea to have some sort of air freshner such as that glade!

TIP: always have a trash can in the bathroom, BUT MAKE SURE IT HAS A TRASH BAG IN IT. This way your trashcan won't get nasty on the inside! Much easier to take out the bag and replace it with a new one.

3. Remove all the mats/carpet thingys, shake them on the bathroom floor to let all the dust fall off of them, and sweep it all. (IDK if I explained this all that well. Hopefully you get the jist of it.)

4. Use glass cleaners on the mirrors and wash the sink. I like to use windex on the faucet as well to add a polished look.

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1. Make my bed; because the sheets should be done by now AND put away all the laundry

2. Take out the trash from the bathroom along with the trash that my roommates and I have in the kitchen trash can. Might as well!

Thank you for reading!
- Denisse