Winter can be tricky when it comes to styling, and sometimes you may feel you have no option but to choose warmth and comfort over looking fashionable. It can be frustrating having no idea how to style your winter clothes, but hopefully this article helps you out! Here, is everything you need in your wardrobe to look good for the colder months, and how to style it.

1. TARTAN!!!

Tartan looks SO fashionable, and its really in this season. A tartan coat looks amazing, but the pattern is also very versatile. Coats, trousers, scarfs, you name it, it will probably look amazingly good with your outfit.You could even match a tartan skirt and coat together, with a cute scarf! And if its still a little cold, your outfit will be just as good with tights.

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Tartan blazers are PERFECT for a put together look, and you can dress them up and down. For a more sophisticated look, pair it with a black dress and thigh high boots, or if you want it more casual, try it with jeans and a hat. You'll be sure to look classy.

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For ultra warmth, wear tartan trousers with a black turtleneck jumper or blouse, trainers/boots, add some necklaces to accessorise, and voila!

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2. Dungaree Dresses

A dungaree dress can make an outfit ten times cuter, and they work for every season, but for winter, try style it with tights and boots, with a jumper underneath for warmth.

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3. Jumper Dresses

Jumper dresses look adorable, and with thigh high boots, you really cant go wrong. You could even try a leather jacket on top for some warmth, and if you're looking for more shape, just wear a belt.

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4. Coats, coats, and more coats.

There are endless amounts of coat styles you can rock this winter, and they're necessary for the chilly weather, us in England know the struggle.

Puffer coats; I tend to prefer puffer coats for a more casual look, and they look great if you want that extra edge. They are definitely trending in the UK right now.

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Long Coats; this is possibly one of my all time favourite winter trends. I absolutely love these and I adore the ones in grey. They are unbelievably stylish and quite easy to find, it makes you look indeed very put-together. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

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Sherpa Coats; These have been everywhere recently, and are guaranteed to keep you warm and toasty, while still looking like a whole meal.

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Fur Jackets; its hard to find a jacket that can keep you warm, but you can still pear it with a dressy outfit, for a party, or dinner etc. These do it perfectly and are super chic and elegant. They look very gorgeous with dresses and skirts especially.

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Trench Coats; trench coats are one of the most classic, timeless, iconic coats and will never go out of style. You wont ever need to throw one of these away because they're 'out of season' because they'll be stylish every year. We've been wearing them for decades, and with a scarf, they look stunning.

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5. Boots

I think boots are one of the most essential pieces for winter, and there are so many different styles that look amazing with outfits!

Thigh High; these have BLOWN UP recently, and almost everyone owns a pair, they're gorgeous, and look good with anything!

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Chelsea Boots; another timeless piece, chelsea boots go with basically everything, while keeping your feet warm and dry. These look super clean and crisp with jeans.

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