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It was a lovely afternoon in Seoul. Mark and Haechan were sitting in the coffee shop where the second one worked.

โ€“ Hyung, we are starting school tomorrow! Are you intending to behave the same way with all the girls as you did last year? There are so many cute ones at our school!

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Mark sneered

โ€“ Oh, Haechan, not that again... Why are you all persevering to find me a girlfriend?! You will be happy if I abandon you and start spending my free time with "my other half" and her annoying squad or what?
Haechan sighed
-โ€“ Noo, hyung, you know very well that's not true but all the girls are so fond of you. Even the most popular and pretty ones are trying to capture your interest but you are just ignoring them all... Why?! Are you going to stay forever alone or what?
Mark rolled his eyes with annoyance
โ€“ Stop it or I'm gonna spill my coffee on you! I told you 1000 times that I can't stand girls! They are fake, unreliable, mean and sneaky! Pretending to be cute and pure, they are teasing you and than even making it look like you are the cruel one! Also they can't be good friends: always libeling each other secretly.

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Haechan shrugged

โ€“ Whatever, hyung... Just don't get savage with me. I was just curious.
โ€“ It's already a year since you and Taeyong are curious about this! and it's already two years since I was excluded from my previous school and go to this outlying one! And why? Because of a girl who couldn't keep her tongue behind her teeth! You both really need to stop!

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Haechan immediatly made a guilty face

โ€“ I told you not to get savage with me, hyung... And also you haven't told us that you regret that much that you changed schools...

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Mark smiled and ruffled his friend's hair

โ€“ Mean boy! You just accused me of not appreciating the company of my dearest friends! How dare you...
"Oh, so he didn't mean it!", thought Haechan and felt relieved. He laughed and flapped his hyung playfully.
โ€“ There you are! - cried someone very loud behind their backs.

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Everyone in the coffee shop lifted his eyes to see Chenle entering.

He ran directly to Mark and Haechan and sat back next to them.
โ€“ Finally found you! - said he with contentedness. - Are your phones on silent or what?
Haechan grinned
โ€“ I left mine at home...
Chenle puffed and rolled his eyes
โ€“ No, Chenle, we should roll our eyes because of your manners! Entering the coffee shop like a tornado and crying loud! Thanks for embarassing us in front of everyone here!
โ€“ Stop reading me a homily, Mark - interrupted him his younger friend, - my manners are perfectly fine... But it's our last day to enjoy the freedom! Let's do something together!

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_Mark started sipping his coffee and didn't answer*
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Haechan grinned

โ€“ Good way to change the topic...

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Chenle grinned back mischievously

โ€“ So what are you up to tonight? - he asked again.

to be continued