Hello lovely Hearters!
I played a lot of otome games through the years and wanted to show you my favourite ones.

Episode – Choose Your Story

This app features many stories with celebrities in it, which is pretty cool. You can also create your own stories.
The Episode games can be played free, but you can also buy items and choices you make in your game.

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Voltage Games

These games are the most various ones. You can play in many different settings and times and can choose between 5 and more characters.
The Voltage games need in app purchase.

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Okko Games

These were the otome games I played at first when I discovered this genre. I absolutely love the graphics and the stories you can choose between.
The Okko Games are mostly free.

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Is It Love? Games

You upload the game with you favourite characer in it and only play his route.
You get free energy every day, which makes the game really enjoyable.

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You can choose between different settings and get free energy every day.

boy, girl, and episodes image boy, girl, and episodes image boy, girl, and episodes image boy, girl, and episodes image

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Sweet Amoris

This game is made for PC but you can also download the app and experience it on your phone on the way.
You play as a girl who visits the Sweet Amoris Highschool and experiences love for the first time. Since this year there is also the sequel where your character visits the Sweet Amoris University and meets old and new friends and lovers.

Sweet Amoris School life

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Sweet Amoris Campus life

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