Dear future me,

In a years time you’ll have change so much. For better or for the worst I have yet to know. I wish for the better though.

You’ll have gone through more trips and falls and happy cries and sad ones.

You’ll have picked yourself up multiple times and have smiled through hardship and you’re heart will have fluttered when you see a certain boy smile at you.

You’ll have laughed more than the number of tears that have streaked down your face and have spread as much love and kindness as you possibly can to those around you.

You’ll have learned day by day that you aren’t perfect and that’s okay and that gap in between your teeth isn’t as huge as you might think and the gap between your thighs doesn’t need to be as huge as you used to wish when you were 12.

You’ll be almost 19 years of age in a years time and still learning and experiencing life. Don’t rush it please. Take a moment to breathe. There’s no rush right now and everything will fall into place.