Hey guys! I really wanted to make this article so here it is.

Go to ISU figure skating competition

awesome, beauty, and figure skating image Image removed

Go to music festival

Image by Strawberry Story Best, exit, and Serbia image

Travel and visit all the places I want to

architecture, travel, and aesthetic image adventures, architecture, and city image

Travel with plane

photography, city, and plane image travel, sky, and clouds image

Learn to speak spanish and french

Malaga, friends, and spain image spain, Barcelona, and city image

Be part of crowd in tv show or movie

friends, chandler bing, and monica geller image fantasy, freeform, and jace image

Own cute apartment

Image removed antique, apartment, and bedroom image

Live in different city from my home city

city, night, and fireworks image book, coffee, and rain image

Discover as much cute cafes as possible

coffe, yellow, and cute image freckles and ginger image

Thank you for reading I hope we'll hang out again soon!
XOXO, Petra