I'm sitting in my room again thinking about you.
I'm not surprised, It has become a habit for me.
Every hour, every minute and every second I think of you.
Why do I even think of you?

I know I said I did not want anything to do with you. You should know that I was lying. I did not think that you would leave me hanging there. You did not fight for me, you just left me. WHY?

You did not even look back at me once. You just went away.
I wish I could see you just once, I just want to see your smile once. Only once...

why did i not cherish the moment with you? Why was I so stupid?
I guess it was because I thought you'd be mine forever
How stupid of me...

I do not know if I am in love with you or if I'm in love with the moments with you

but I guess I do love you, because you are the only thing on my mind (everyday)