hi everyone

i am a 17 year old girl who is not sad not happy and who is in a phase of discovery , i am trying to discover who i am . i am the kind of peolple who escapes from the reality and problems not by smoking or drinking, its humour and it helps me so much but the thing is that nobody takes u seriously u are a joke to everyone and when u find out about why people like to spend time with u or talk to u the answer is "u are funny". i am funny but is it the only adjective u know about me , what i have been throught ? my past ? my feelings ? my thoughts ?u know absolutely nothing about me. all u see is the image that i make about myself and its "funny girl" who is always smiling and laughing.

so if u know a "funny person" try to talk to them find out who they really are u might be the only person who has ever tried to talk to them or even cared about them.

sorry for asting ur time and thank u for reading.