Title: L'Amour

01. Eros ft. Park Jimin
]Eros is sexual or passionate love.[

aesthetic, beige, and home image alternative, grunge, and pale image Temporarily removed kiss, love, and couple image
[Calm/Soft Ballad like Bed Peace by Jhene Aiko and Childish Gambino]

02. Philia ft. Kim Taehyung
]The hallmark of philia, or friendship, is shared goodwill.[

asia, couple, and kfashion image ulzzang image Image removed asian, boy, and korean image
[Homemade/Goofy type of mv; Sweet and Meaningful song like All I Ever Need by Austin Mahone]

03. Ludus
]Ludus is playful or uncommitted love[

red, hands, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed red, love, and couple image Image by Mukabatii
[Slow/Sexy song like Skin by Rihanna]

04. Philautia
]Philautia is self-love[

Temporarily removed darling, grass, and hands image girl, flowers, and aesthetic image aesthetic, fashion, and white image
[Catchy song like Euphoria by Jungkook]

05. Devotion

Image removed sunmi image color, lust, and nsfw image Mature image
[Sounds Like The Hills and Often by The Weeknd]

06. Desire

dress and dark cherry image Temporarily removed red, velvet, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
[Sounds like Singularity by Taehyung and Bad Intentions by Niykee Heaton]

07. Lust or Love

red, aesthetic, and bed image red, aesthetic, and lust image red, body, and sexy image red, angel, and aesthetic image
[Lana Del Rey type of song, Lust for Life, Video Games and Blue Jeans]

08. Outro: L'Amour ft. Suga and RM

hair, hairstyle, and diamonds image fashion, dress, and glitter image Temporarily removed glitter, silver, and photography image
[Soft and Significant Song; Like Habits by Tove Lo, Don't leave by Mo and Seesaw by Yoongi]