The broken person will always stay a little bit broken inside, even if they laugh. ~Andjeli. R

break up, come back, and cry image

Despite knowing that I am better off without you, hurts me that I have been the reason it happend.

Don`t forget that this was the most beautiful, sweetest and most peaceful period of our lives. Was happy with mezelf and us. Never before had peace with myself, but you showed me how valuable I could be for someone. Apparently was too happy with you in mine mind, that other things in my life getting worse. I felt good for the first time but everything around me went worse. Cannot understood how and why. By of all those things I have to break you and myself to find the old, lonely and insecure person again.

When will I find it, I don`t know but secretly I never want to find it, because in your arms I was the happiest person in the world. Sorry.