There's too many babies in this house. I've been working at Alec's bar more often with Lexi. I love her. The more stress I'm under, the hungrier I get. Every night I fantasize about ripping out the throats of all those kids. Astrid, Callie, Oona, and Lizzie. I never asked for this. This is not what I signed up for. I was supposed to be living with my sister Audrey. Now Malena's back and she's staying around because of the girl Swan. What the fuck kind of name is Swan anyway?

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"Did you hear Lizzie is goddess of misery?" Lexi asked, pouring a shot for a costumer. I looked at her. "I did not. How is that possible?" I questioned. "Cora. You know the shit she can pull and get away with. You think it's hectic now. Wait until those kids grow up," she smirked. "I can barely handle all this shit now. I can't imagine what it's going to be like then," I explained. "We should move in together," Lexi suggested. I wasn't expecting that offer. Ever. And I was relieved it was an option. "Really?" I asked. She nodded. "I have a bedroom for rent. I'd rather you live with me than a stranger," she said. Alec walked over before I could answer. He took a seat at the bar. "Since we're chatting instead of working, make me a drink," he said. Lexi prepared his drink and slid it to him.

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"We're about to get very busy. Less gossip, more work," he warned. Then he finished his shot and walked away. He wasn't joking. He walked away, and about 20 people walked in. All I could think about was my new home.