WE FALL IN LOVE WITH THREE PEOPLE IN OUR LIFETIME... each one for a different reason

first love

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this love often happens at a young age... you eventually grow apart or call it quits over silly things. when you get older you may look back & think it wasn't love. but the truth is, it was. it was love for what you knew love to be. remember: there different depths of love.

second love

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_the hard one. you get hurt in this one. this love teaches us lessons & makes us stronger. this love includes great pain, lies, betrayal, abuse, drama, & damage. but this is the one where we grow. we realize what we love about love & what we don't love about love. now we know the difference between good & bad humans. now we become closed, careful, cautious, & considerate. what know exactly what we want & don't want.

third love

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this once comes blindly. no warning. it creeps on you silently. you don't go looking for this love... it comes to you. you can put up ANY wall you want, it wall be broke down. you'll find yourself caring the person without trying. they look nothing like your usual crush types, but you get lost in their eyes daily. you see beauty in their imperfections. you hide nothing from them. you want marriage & a family with them. you truly love them.
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