Timothee's been spending a lot of time in his room. I try to convince him to go outside, but he refuses to listen. He starts high school soon. All of our kids are going to the same high school. Monroe, Timothee, Rhett, Kinsley, Winnie, Suri, Devon, Emerson, Dixie, Marley, and Aria. Aria grew up quick like Timothee. I saw her recently. She's doing well with Daniel and Sydney.

I was in the kitchen brewing some coffee when I felt something tugging at my shoelace. I looked down and Monroe was looking up at me.

baby and cute image

I smiled at her and her picked her up. She loves being held and I love holding her. I swayed with her in the kitchen as my coffee brewed. She nuzzled her head against my neck. I wanted to stay like this for hours.