Sabrina Creswell

Sabrina Brigitte Creswell
Pronounced: sa-BREEN-a bree-ZH-eet kres-well


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Slytherin ; most defined by boldness, charm, ambition and fraternity.


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A metamorphmagus, but usually has soft freckles, straight brows, big lilac eyes, round lips, pale skin and either messy brown hair or slightly neater platinum. Also short as heck.


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The St Bernard, a Swiss dog. Those with this patronus usually have a large, loyal heart and are deeply emotional with a love for fun. They are rare in Slytherins, but do occur.


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Phoenix feather core, ebony wood, 10¾" inches, reasonably supple.

Favourite classes/Extra curriculars

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DADA, Care of Magical Creatures,