Kinsley is a witch. I walked into her room and she was sitting there with her live teddy bear. Mr. Cuddles has a heartbeat. It's quite terrifying, I am not going to lie. As long as my babygirl is happy, though.

Image by Zahraa A. Aljaleel

Dixie is staying over. Jasper is recovering from the full moon still.

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Even though Kinsley is a bit older than Dixie, they're best friends. Dixie is going to be a good influence on Kinsley. I can tell.

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Rhett likes to hang out with them too. He pops his fangs out all the time now. It worries me a bit. I don't want him hurting anyone, so I keep reminding him. He's a little charmer.

Raven and I were talking on the phone this morning. Since David's passing, we've grown closer. Closer than we've ever been. Timothee has an extremely dark nature. Monroe is a wolf. She's such a beautiful little girl. She'll have many suitors when she grows up. Timothee is going to be a lot for Raven to handle. She doesn't feel ready, but I know when the time comes, she'll do her best. I wish I could help her out more, but I just don't have enough information.