I swore to myself I wasn't going to answer you, I wouldn't unblock you, I'd never thought of you. But it was your birthday and I couldn't help myself.

I know you're single again and yea I know you wanna see me, and I try to say no everytime you text, try ignore every promisse you remake.

You are really bad to me

You gained a little weight, your snoozed eyes were the same brown I knew, I don't felt the same way I felt about you before.

This should be a dream coming true, going back to you again...
And I know I told you when you left me that everything was alright but I never thought I'd be so incomplete.

You say you miss me, but you always say it.
You look happy but I know you better than that.
I love you but I really hope it hurts you like hell to be without me.