One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to watch Christmas movies with my family. There are so many out there but I think we can all agree on the best. I'm really getting in the spirit this year so here are the ones that I love and can't wait to watch after Thanksgiving.


elf image dog, elf, and funny image

This shit is classic and puts me in all of the christmas feels. I'm pretty sure everyone has watched it but if you haven't do it right now. Its the story of a human who was raised with santa's elves and is on a journey to find his human dad. It's so much fun and perfect for the season.

christmas vacation

christmas, holidays, and mood image

I love this movie so much. The funniest christmas movie you will ever watch. Every single thing about this movie is hilarious and wholesome. It's about a man who's trying to have the perfect christmas for his family but nothing seems to go right. Watch for a good time.

home alone

christmas, funny, and gif image film and movie image

My favorite christmas movie of all time. It's also funny but has so much heart and adorable moments. A kid is left at home while his family leaves for vacation and he has to defend the home from burglars in the neighborhood. I love everything about it.

charlie brown christmas

christmas, charlie brown, and snoopy image

A christmas classic that we stan. Its a charming cartoon of charlie brown and his friends trying to find the meaning of christmas. I always watch this with my family and it warms my holiday heart. The soundtrack is beautiful too.

the family man

There are no damn pictures of this lovley holiday film on here so I'll just talk about it. Not everyone has seen it but this movie is so good. It's about a rich guy who gets to see an alternate dimension where he married his ex-girlfriend and they have a family. I freaking love this movie its a realistic story with holiday spirit.

the grinch

dog, show, and green and red image christmas and grinch image

Heres an unpopular opinion; I hate Jim Carreys grinch, the plot is wack and I cringe too much. The real golden holiday short is the classic grinch cartoon. Vintage cartoon style movies are so cool and I love this christmas story. My dad used to read it to me on christmas eve.

its a wonderful life

christmas and it's a wonderful life image moon, quote, and it's a wonderful life image

Hands down the best christmas movie ever produced. Its old but such a classic. A man is having suicidal thoughts when an angel shows him what everyone's life would be like without him in it. This movie is sweet and really makes you think about how much you affect the people around you. It makes me feel cozy and warm inside.

I know the holiday hasn't officially started yet but I hope you agree with these movies and watch them to get in the mood. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful season!
- Madi