Hiii and helloooo my lil pumpkins here I am back and fresh after like... 3 months without WHI and some social medias. While being out here without them I've learned couple of things and actually got a lot more creative and inspired to write. So, without furtherado lets get into the point of the article...

1. Not everyone is gonna like you

No matter how hard you try, not everyone is gonna like you. And thats not a bad thing at all, and you shouldn't care about it. You should only be you and do not try to be someone else only because of other peoples opinions, because they are just opinions, irrelevant. So just do you and don't give a shit about 'em.

2. Be you

Have you ever had that moment where you're there, in company, or even alone, sitting and thinking... "I don't feel like myself anymore"?
If you haven't thats good. But heres he question:

Are you being yourself?

Think about it and let me know.

3.Save the planet

Save this planet. Its your only home. We are the future, not our parents, and the sad thing is we're all gonna die at some point and leave this place for the next generations, so why not make it as good as possible? Start recycling and stop throwing your trash around.

4. You don't need money or love to be happy

You know that most of the people say that you only need love to be happy? Do you really believe in that? If there is happiness, its definitely not coming only cause of love. Happiness is hard to explain when it comes to how to be happy. You only need one thing, and that is to understand the meaning of the life. When you do that, then start thinking about yourself and how you're nothing when you look out from the universe, but here, you are something that can have and already has a big impact on the world and your surroundings. You will be happy once you realize how much time you have left and how many people you make or can make happy and better by being there with them. Be with your family now, because once you move away and get a job you won't have time.

5. There is no definition of beauty

Yes, you can find the definition on the internet, but its not the right way to explain beauty, because beauty comes in many ways and thats the main reason why it doesn't have its definition. So if you think you're ugly, you're probably wrong. Even if you have deformed face or body, that still doesn't make you ugly. Ugly people are the ones that tell others not so nice stuff. So you are beautiful just the way you are, remember it.

6. You're not gonna be depressed all of you're life

Most of the teens today have went trough depression and anxiety or are going trough. I just wanted to say that its not gonna stay there forever, its gonna go away at some point. I've been there and I know the way you feel like you're worthless, like you're a disappointment to you're parents etc. But at some point somethings gonna change inside of you. The voice you have inside will change and you will see brightness again. Just TRY not to kill yourself, because I myself have attempted suicide and failed because the voice in me said " Don't.". After that I've cried out oceans of tears but today I'm fine, at least trying to be for myself. So just stay here, even if you think people are trash and this planet is gross, still stay. I wan't you to stay. Just DON'T DO IT. Thank you.

7. Society is trash, but you don't need to be too

I know that todays society sucks and I've felt that myself, but you know what? You don't have to be trash too. Be good enough not to be trash. Planet already has enough of it.

8. Nothing and nobody is perfect

I don't wanna tell you not to seek for perfection, you should, but you should know that you can never be absolutely perfect and nothing is cause theres always more and more that can be done better.

9. Everyone has insecurities

You are not the only person on the world to have insecurities, remember that. You might be insecure about your body, weight, nose etc. But everybody has those insecurities, because, as I said, there is always more and more you can work on and that can be made better, so its okay.

10. It's completely okay not to be okay

I know how cliche this is, but do you really use this quote? If you are then well done, but most of you don't, which you should. Seriously. Think about it.