Hello everyone!
Over the last couple of weeks, I've made it one of my priorities to learn a new language and I have really been enjoying my experience and decided to share it with all of you here. So what follows is a whole bunch of reasons why you should also consider learning a new language.

Keeps your brain healthy and sharp, boosts memory, teaches multi-tasking skills

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many studies have been done and proved that learning a new foreign language positively impacts your brain health

Useful if you travel a lot or plan to

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Helps you meet new people

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this could be people you meet while travelling, on the internet, etc

Useful if you want to immigrate and knowing a certain language is an asset

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for example, knowing French is an asset when you want to emigrate to Canada - e.g. strengthens your permanent residency application

It's exciting and a lot of fun

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when you're learning a language by yourself, it may be a little difficult at first but it's so much fun especially if you're going at your own pace and if you get stuck you can make internet friends who are fluent in the language you're learning and they might help you out. WHI is great for this. Or you could even take online classes

Boosts your confidence

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due to the fact that I've been able to successfully learn and start speaking the new language, I'm more confident about doing it again and learning more languages

Allows you to indulge in international culture like film, music and literature

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now you can sing all the words to despacito and actually know what they mean ;)
Thank you so much for reading and I hope this article inspired you to try learning a new language. I'm learning French at the moment so if you're looking for a buddy to learn with, let me know :)
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