My whole life my parents have been addicted to alcohol. As long as I can remeber, they have been drinking alcohol and been drunk almost every night. Not only were they drunk, they were fighting as well, every single nignt they were drunk. Wich was pretty often.
That made me feel very insecure, and scared. But I hade one thing, one thing that made me feel safe. That was my big brother, omg I love my brother so so so much, I don't know what I would have done without him.

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I have always felt embarrassed about my parens addictions, I've never really told anyone, not even my best friends, even tho they can see that they are alcoholics.

But, even if my parens have been making my childhood bad I love them so much, they have always been taking care of me, how drunk they may have been.

It is hard because you love them so much but they still makes you feel sad when they drink, you tell them how you feel and you know that they don't do it just to hurt you and that they are addicted and it's not easy to just stop. But at the same time they say that they do anything for you, but they still drink? The only thing you want them to stop doing, they keep doing. But still it's a disease.

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Anyway, I made this article so that maybe at least one person who have had the same childhood as me could read it and not feel so alone, and that they maybe can relate.

So, remember you're not alone.
Take care. Peace.