Have you always wanted to make a skin care routine? Or you're trying to make one but there's so much info take in you're too overwhelmed or you have one but you want to fix it up. Look no further because I'm here to help you.

Please always patch test before starting a new product.

This is the first step in your routine. In my experience I always picked cleanser that were oil-free (big mistake) because I thought no oil on my face would make me less oily. NOPE. It made me way oilier and ruined my protective barrier. Your cleanser shouldn't leave your skin feeling 'squeaky' clean, if it does then ditch it because your moisture barrier has been compromised and that cleanser is way too alkaline for your skin. If you wear makeup you might prefer the double cleansing method: you start with an oil based cleanser then cleanse with a low ph water based cleanser. I've also know micellar water is a great cleanser especially if you have sensitive skin.

Cleanse your skin using the #60SecondRule recommended by labeautyologist on twitter. Wash and dry your hands, then use your fingers to cleanse your face for 60 seconds then rinse it off. Doing this ensures you've thoroughly cleansed your skin and it makes your face feel so much smoother and softer (I can say this from experience, it works!) Try not to overdo the cleansing, using just water in the morning and then your cleanser at night is ideal. My oily pals can cleanse 2 times a day.

I'm currently using Botanics dual action cleanser from Boots. It's a hydrating cleanser and doesn't leave my face feeling stripped but rather moisturised. It's great for dehydrated and sensitive skin.
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Some people don't know why toning is important but toners are great. Depending on the type of toner you get they hydrate, exfoliate, regulate your skins pH levels. I use a hydrating toner because I have dehydrated skin and it really helps. I also have an exfoliating toner but I don't use it regularly. When choosing a toner, like any other product look at the ingredient list.

Avoid toners with these ingredients: alcohols, preservatives, colourings, scents, ethanol, PEG, PPG surfactants, fragrances
Get toners with these ingredients: hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, beta-glucan, aloe vera leaf extract

Exfoliating toners contain AHA's or BHA's.
AHA's work on the surface level some examples are: glycolic acid and lactic acid
BHA's work under the skin: salicylic acid, tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide

Watery toners work great for oily skin. I'm using Klairs supple preparation toner.
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If I had a dollar for every time someone mentioned drinking water to get clear skin, I'd be able to buy any of the skin care products I wanted lol. Look drinking water is great but one of my favourite estheticians (Nai, labeautyologist on twitter) shared that the skin is actually the last organ to receive all the water we drink. So it's best to hydrate topically. Hydrating increases the water content in your skin. Hyaluronic acid is not an acid per say, it's not like salicylic acid. HA is a great way to topically hydrate your skin. Find products containing HA or just buy any HA serum. It's best to apply on a wet or damp face because it needs water to 'grab onto'.

I'm using Olay's instant hydrating day serum
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So now we need to seal all the moisture in and prevent water loss from our skin and this is where your moisturiser comes in. Moisturisers help seal all your natural oils and keep our skin moisture balanced. They're usually thicker than hydrators.

Now while I don't have a proper moisturiser, I use The Ordinary's rose hip seed oil to moisturise and it's been pretty helpful so far.
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This is only for your AM routine. This is a pretty important step in your routine and if you suffer from PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or dark marks) it's the only way you'll see improvements. SPF keeps our skin protected from the harmful UV rays and it's important to use it diligently and reapply every 2 hours. Also if you use AHA's your skin becomes more photo-sensitive so you HAVE to wear suncream. Also using make up/moisturisers with suncream isn't enough, you need to wear actual suncream.

I use Nivea sun protect water gel spf 50
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Now to seal everything in for your PM routine you need an occlusive like vaseline or aquaphor. An occlusive prevent water loss from the skin by forming a physical barrier at the top of our skin. People think it clogs your pores but it doesn't.

I use Johnson's baby jelly
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Choose products with ingredients that target and fix your skin concerns. Go from the lightest products to the heaviest. When adding products into your routine or starting a new routine go one product at a time. Start of with your cleanser for a week then add your toner and so on. That way you'll know if any product doesn't agree with your skin or cancels out other products.

If you have questions feel free to message me and I'll do my best to help. Do note I'm not a dermatologist or esthetician so I'm not a professional. I will give you advice based on my current knowledge and research or point you to a professional to help. Remember everyone's skin is different and skin care is a long term journey so take things one day at a time.

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