newt scamander:

hufflepuff, yellow, and harry potter image boy, eyes, and freckles image Image by granmaster_by harry potter, yellow, and aesthetic image dragon, sky, and fantasy image Temporarily removed
kind, brave, loyal

porpentina goldstein:

coffee, white, and aesthetic image harry potter, M, and fantastic beasts image thunderbird and ilvermorny image food, hot dog, and new york image coffee, drink, and food image Temporarily removed
smart, brave, honest

jacob kowalski:

art, baking, and brown image jacob, fantastic beasts, and queenie image Image removed vintage, suitcase, and brown image Image by Itzy Temporarily removed
nomaj, brave, sweet

queenie goldstein:

aesthetic, pink, and pretty image hair, aesthetic, and blonde image art, books, and creativity image fantastic beasts, queenie goldstein, and jacob kowalski image harry potter, j.k. rowling, and magic image aesthetic, charms, and confusion image
sweet, smiling, kind