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I am your savior i tell you.

  • My thoughts,
  • Dreams
  • Ambitions are nothing like the average human.
For i dream about bigger and better things.
Do you?
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You guys are just simply ahead of me in everything. You guys get the headstart before the race.

So how is it that i will be the one that wins?

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because i am your savior

she may die tomorrow, or the next year because she just cant take it anymore. But i promise you if she lives it will be the end of you all.

Hardships building on top of hardships if she overcomes them or fate lets her do so she:

Will become your savior because she is your savior.

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The Goddess Aaliyah

All hail not your princess, not your queen, but your Goddess Aaliyah.

Bow down and bask in her glory.

She shall conquer the world and all its servants

All hail the mighty Goddess Aaliyah

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She is your savior