Hi everyone!
I wanted to write a fiction about my future. I am a very dreamer person so I decided to write it, not to just dream it. Hopefully it gonna be like that.
Enjoy it, let's begin!


Birth: 17/02/1997
Zodiac: Aquarius
Height: 1.96 m
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dark Blue

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He is very confident also very funny. He tries to be a real gentleman even sometimes it's not easy. He's the CEO of a mega company. This is makes him a workholic but he always spend time with his family.


Name: Çınar
Birth: 06/08/2026
Zodiac: Leo

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We have got a dog. We named it Winter -sometimes we called it Winnie-We love to meet with our friends. When we meet them usually we spend time with talking and eating. Good music, good food, deep conversation and good friends in a night...

It'll probably to be continued...