I sit on my own, in room, where we used to chill and where we used to be together.
Now all alone...
And I know you are going to meet somebody new.
You are going to fall for her.
You are going to say all those things you have told me before.

One day you will ask her to marry you.
You will put your best tuxedo on.
You will be nervous, but she will be the love of your life and you will be happy.
You will say "I do".
You will be husband and wife.
All the life ahead of you two.
The love that is so pure.
She is going to be the love of your life, not me.
How am I suppose to let you go, when I know you will find someone new.
That day your sorrow heart will heal and you will realize that I was not your love.

She is the love of your life.

It's over. We are over.