NEVER GET HEARTBROKEN AGAIN is my new article series! It's about understanding men and to prevent us girls from getting hurt again

So this is Part II: who to trust?

Not only a new (or old) lover can break your heart in different ways, also friends, even good friends, can betray your trust. For them it won't be a big thing to lie or to cheat on you, they'll do this like changing their clothes.
But back to the boys;
if you meet a nice guy for the first time, he'll say anything to please you. Either because he likes you or just because he wants you in his bed. It isn't that easy to see through a man and find out how he really feels. But it's incredible easy for them to manipulate a girl.

I'm sure you've already heard simple compliments. You thought it's nothing special but you laughed a little bit and felt flattered. He could lure you with the simplicity of his compliment. You start to think about how cute his words were, and you want more.

By always giving you a bit more of what every woman desire, you become more and more dependent on him. You will notice it late, we always do.

This article is just a hint for you. Do not trust anyone easily who is friendly to you. Most are selfish.

"don't trust what you see, even salt looks like sugar"