"Architecture is the frozen music, music is the flowing architecture"

ALIMA [3 syll. a-li-ma] pronounced as aa-LEE-Maa; is of Arabic origin, meaning 'skilled in music and dancing; sea maiden'.

LEONTINA is a French name meaning shining light; in Italian the name Leontina means a female who is brave like a lion; a lioness.

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“...wondering free, I wish I could be... PART OF THAT WORLD"

♡ long, flowing wavy red-brown hair
♡ big expression-full eyes
♡ east Europe and Italy descent
♡ white dresses, sparkles and lace
♡ often disobeys orders; rebellious
♡ incredibly curious, stubborn, and brave
♡ adventurous, a dreamer
♡ doesn't stop at anything for what she wants
♡ inherently optimistic, a little sassy
♡ drawn to the unknown, differentness
♡ beautiful music and melodies
♡ wishes for something different, something more
♡ doesn't feel like she belongs (wants to find her place in the world)
♡ perfectionistic and dramatic
♡ loves black tea, collects mugs, bracelets, and snowglobes
♡ little naive but not unintelligent
♡ can take on different perspectives very well
♡ not very good at household tasks
♡ loves her father very much; father's favourite
♡ exceptionally caring and giving
♡ loves children, fascination with architecture and psychology
♡ silly in humour but sometimes gets really sad and/or quiet
♡ loves going to festivals/carnivals and circuses

Character Song
Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

"I'll make a wish, take a chance, make a change and breakaway..."

I've finally found what I've been missing

ADRIÁN [pronounced ah-dree-awn] a form of the Latin given name Adrianus or Hadrianus. Its ultimate origin is most likely via the former river Adria from the Venetic and Illyrian word adur, meaning 'sea' or 'water'.

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"Being brave means to know something is scary, difficult, and dangerous, and doing it anyway, because the possibility of winning the fight is worth the chance of losing it."

♡ black hair, ivory skin
♡ mesmerizing sea blue eyes
♡ tall, athletic build, very active
♡ Spanish descent
♡ beautiful full lips and stunning smile
♡ protective, strong of mind and heart
♡ courageous, daring
♡ insecure about not being deserving enough for someone to stay, to love him for who he is (good and bad) and not for what he looks like
♡ romantic, artistic
♡ loves gelato and chocolate
♡ hates routine and not being able to control certain things
♡ kind, very giving, positive, teases
♡ spontaneous, aura of mystery
♡ depth to his emotion and past
♡ intelligent, open-minded
♡ can let his emotions overwhelm him and cloud his judgement, but is usually very level headed
♡ charismatic, flirty, great debater and leader
♡ loved by all but is close to few
♡ eternal love

Character Song
Never Say Never by The Fray

She knew how to soothe his aching soul, bringing light and laughter and affection on a daily basis, never abandoning him when he broke down and loses his light. She understood him better than anyone, even better than he understood himself. They act like kids, best friends, and lovers; inseparable, great desire, and simply meant to be.

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...And he knew how to handle her moments of drama and intense insecurities; he constantly showed her how much she is loved, adored and needed, and helped her believe that she's beautiful as she is. Most importantly however is that he left her wild, always right by her side whenever she felt the need to run.

Relationship Song
Dusk til Dawn by Zayn, Sia

cuddle, holding hands, and soulmates image
And they lived happily ever after, falling in love with each other again and again with every new day.

Fairytale character inspiration: The Little Mermaid, Ariel