love stories, rom-com

to all the boys i've loved before: this movie is about lara jean, who wrote love letters to all the boys she loved before. things start to get out of hand, when these very private letters get sent to the boys she's been writing about. to make sure her older sister's ex-boyfriend josh doesn't think she is actually in love with him, she begins to fake-date peter, another boy she loved before - and that's when things get really out of hand.

the duff: bianca is a duff (designated, ugly, fat friend). she is not the dateable one, but simply the one guys can approach when they want to get closer to her two best friends. but bianca doesn't want to settle for that, so she asks her neighbor and childhood friend to teach her how to be dateable.

mamma mia: this musical is about sophie, who wants her father to give her away at her wedding with her fiancé sky. the problem: she doesn't know who her father is. but she wouldn't be sophie, if she gave up: so she invites her three most-likely fathers, thinking that she'll know who her father is, when she see's him. (spoiler: she doesn't.)

mean girls: in which cady befriends the meanest girls at school.

easy a: a young girl tries to help outcasts and gay people out by letting others think they slept with each other.

the fault in our stars: hazel and augustus meet at a self-help group for teenagers with cancer. the two fall in love.

confessions of a shopaholic: i was very positively surprised by this movie, that turned out to be extremely emotional and funny.

the devil wears prada: in which a woman works as the devil's (miranda priestly, chief editor of 'runway'-magazine) second assistant. the movie is about deciding between wrong and right, and how far you will go in a job.

lol: this sweet movie is about teenage years and a mother-daughter relationship, as well as friendship and love, and all that stuff. (with miley cyrus)

the other woman is a movie about women finding out their partner has been cheating on them, and lying to them. they become friends and work together to ruin that guy's life.

500 days of summer: about a guy who tries to get over a girl called summer.

groundhog day: this movie is about a cruel man who wakes up on the same day (groundhog day) every morning, as if the last day never happened. he uses those days to find out more about his pretty co-worker, to win her heart. the movie is about character development, and how much the behavior of a single person can impact other people's lives.

10 things i hate about you: this is basically a loose modernization of shakespeare's 'the taming of the shrew'. a high-school guy falls in love with a high school girl. the problem: a) she's in love with a complete idiot b) she can only date when her badly tempered sister does. so clearly: one pays the resident bad boy to date her.

tv shows

stranger things: this cool fantasy show is about mysterious disappearances, super powers and parallel worlds

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stranger things

riverdale season 3: i hated seasons one and two and only kept on watching bc my classmates loved this, but season three is becoming so. much. fun. (oddly, my classmates aren't liking it at all, but I guess they just have weird as hell taste)

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sherlock: it's just really interesting, and i love to see the character development. even though, the first episode will probably always be the best (then again, it might be the wedding episode or the one with that guy collecting information and blackmailing everyone)

anne with an e: anne is a young girl, that came from an orphanage and slowly makes friends and experiences bullying or her first period and idk, just the way she sometimes gets super nervous, or exited, or angry is so relatable, yet absolutely adorable and i love this show.


pride and prejudice: a love story between elisabeth bennet and mr. darcy. it's incredibly fun to watch because of elisabeth's sass and mr. darcy's mood swings.

the book thief: in which death develops a love for a little girl called liesl, who is alive during hitler's rulership. she needs to be sent away from her communist mother and gets a foster family far away from home. she makes a friend, hides a jew and learns to read.

titanic: a tragic love story.

dunkirk: a movie about the second world war. 400 000 soldiers are trapped at the coasts of dunkirk, and people come their with their private ships to bring them back home.


the hunger games: which is probably the best movie adaption ever. it's a science fiction story about teenagers who are sent into 'the hunger games', so that they kill each other. it's horrible to think of, but a great, great story.

interstellar: in which earth is dying, so a man leaves his family to go in search for other worlds to live in. very, very emotional.


bridge to terabithia: a movie about imagination, friendship and loss.

percy jackson: now, if you read the books, you know that they don't have a lot in common with the movies, however, the movies are way more suspenseful and i feel like the most import is left in them. however, both books and movies are about demigod percy jackson, whose quests bring him across the oceans, to olympus and into the underworld.

harry potter: sadly, the movies aren't as mysterious as the books, but partly they are beautifully animated. - and I guess if you're not a big reader, you should at least watch the movies. it's about wizards and witches (and trolls and werewolves), who are doing their best to defeat lord voldemort (possibly the most evil wizard of all times)


field of dreams is a sports/family movie, in which a farmer hears a voice that tells him what to do (including building a baseball-stadium in his fields). it's one of the most wonderful movies of all times.

the velveteen rabbit is a children's movie about a boy getting a stuffed animal (a rabbit).

the life of pi is a movie about a guy who needs to survive on a boat with a tiger.

forest gump is the story of a man's life (love, friendship, war).

hook, in which the impossible got possible: peter pan went to earth and grew up. but when the evil captain hook abducts his children, he has to remember and grow back down again.


wall-e: in this touching movie, a tiny plant gives hope for a whole species to come back to earth. for me it surely symbolizes, that you shouldn't give up on anything truly important, as long as there's the tiniest bit of hope.

ratatouille: this movie is about a rare friendship between a rat that always dreamt of becoming a cook and a young guy who works in a restaurant. the two are probably the most iconic duo in film history.

wreck-it ralph: when i first started that movie, i thought it was super dumb, but in the end it was actually very emotional and there was a lot of suspense.

the incredibles: in this funny movie superheroes were forbidden and need to live undercover, but when the father of a super-family gets himself into trouble, the rest of them need to use their powers and work as a team to save him (and the world).

finding nemo: this movie is about a father-son relationship, and both their development when they are apart from each-other.

inside out: this movie is about showing, that all feelings are valid and okay, and that it's okay to let them show sometimes.

barbie in the twelve dancing princesses: this is my all time favorite barbie movie. other people regard the princesses as too childish, or boyish. they are terrorized by their father's cousin, who is teaching them manners, but, by that, actually forbidding them to do everything they love, including dancing. a secret passage leads them to a world where all wishes come true, but when the kingdom is in danger, they need to face their responsibility, and learn, that that doesn't mean to change who you are. it's about family, mainly, and staying true to yourself.

the monster inc: an adorable story about monster's whose job it is to scare children.

barbie and the diamond castle: in this wonderful story about friendship and forgiving mistakes, delia and alexa are trying to find a diamond castle that will save music, while dealing with a stupid dragon and an evil witch.

lilo and stitch: this cute movie is about a girl getting an alien pet, and becoming friends with it. even more beautiful i find lilo's relationship with her older sister, who looks over her after her parents died.

the boss baby: this is a movie about a kid getting a younger brother and not getting along well with him, since he is stealing his parent's love. but then they have to work together, to make sure puppies don't get all of the parent's love instead.

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