BTS as aspects of nature + colors according to their personalities

|Kim Seokjin| - A garden of Pink flowers

bts, jin, and kpop image flowers, pink, and rose image Image by Deko Ross flowers and tumblr image
So very delicate and unarguably beautiful, bathed in soft shades of pink and sweet rosy blushes that seem to add to the natural peace of it all.

|Min Yoongi| - A Snowy Morning

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So very cold to the touch, freezing the fingertips, yet perfectly beautiful on the inside. Not a flaw exists within, and makes the world a much more beautiful place. The atmosphere is cold, but cold in a truly wonderful way, relaxing the soul.

|Kim Namjoon| - Dawn

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The soft tones of the morning brings along shades of tangerine and jammy kisses, dribbling the sky and light itself with magnificent oranges and coral pinks. Its a soft tone, somewhat dull but beautiful.

|Jung Hoseok| - Sunlight

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A cheerful burst of a familiar yellow brightness which illuminates every day, crashing with the clouds and bathing the world with its everlasting grace and happiness. The yellow, lemony shades brighten each day, like an unforgettable smile upon the earth.

|Park Jimin| - Starry Sky

gif image moon, sky, and purple image stars, aesthetic, and pink image purple, stars, and aesthetic image
Shimmering, iridescent lights within dark skies somehow brighten its atmosphere with its twinkling nature, ever so beautiful and perfect. Stars are filled with an ethereal and mysterious heart that even illuminate the darkest of nights with a sensual ease, pouring immense grace and everlasting magnificence onto the nature of dark light.

|Jeon Jungkook| - Beautiful greenery

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Something which the earth is coated in, its emerald shade intertwined inside everyone's heart. The world is nothing without this, and helps to upkeep the health and beauty of it. This is truly an astounding thing.

|Kim Taehyung| - Rainbow

Image removed aesthetic, flowers, and nature image beauty, rainbow, and sky image Image by KaisooIsReal
Something which is packed with immense colors and never ending happiness and beauty. It brightens the world with just its colors and shades, and can appear even within the storms and rains. Is sometimes hidden behind dark clouds, but once its exposed, its truly something to be marveled at. The bright, happy shades are almost like pretty smiles that can never fade away, but once it does, a wonderful blue sky is still left behind.