Well hello there or should I say hello here because you're here reading this? Anyways am Leslie. Leslie Cooper that is.17 years old wish me happy bday on 5th December.

You know how we all have that friend that laughs and turns everything into a joke, yeah that's me. Am also that friend that laughs at their own jokes I mean I just can't help it am funny lol slaps knee

I have 5 sisters which mean I got to deal with 1004342783 different personalities so yeah I think am that person that gives good advice as well so feel free to come and talk.

Am mixed, 5.6 and very clumsy I can fall when am properly sitting on a chair (I got the superpowers lol). I was born in Trinidad and am currently living in Trinidad #caribbean girl

Am sure you're already scrolling to see when I stop typing so amma end this one here it was nice meeting you.Stay blessed and make sure to follow me to get more articles, poems, inspiration and more