Hi lovely hearters,welcome back.Today,i am writing about some small tips that you can follow in order to create the perfect morning routine.I know that the ideal routine differs from people to people.However,the tips that i am going to mention are really helpful especially if you want to have the most relaxing but at the same time productive routine.

1.Get up early

By this i mean that in order to get more things done on your to-do-list you have to wake up early.As a result, you will have some extra time but you will also have an early start.

Some tips for my night gals:

➤ Have a reson to wake up

➤ Go to bed when you are sleepy

➤Read a book instead of scrolling on social media

➤ Put your phone on silent mode

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There is no better ways than working out especially in the morning.Actually,you don't have to exercise for one hour straight if you don't have the time.On the other side,you can do yoga or some flexibility exercises in order to wake up your body and metabolism.

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3.Take care of yourself

For me the most important thing is to take care of yourself.By this i mean that you cannot expect to see results unless you improve yourself.For example,take a hot bath,put on some face moistruriser,paint your nails etc.In this way,you enhance self-love,boosting your self-esteem.

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4.Eat a healthy breakfast

I used to be a person who didn't eat breakfast.Little did i know.Now,i can't start my day without eating a nutritious breakfast.There a lot of options for a filling and at the same time tasty breakfast.Personally speaking,my all time favourite is peanut butter or oatmeal.

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5.Make your bed

We can all agree that making your bed is not the most ideal thing to do when you wake up.Nonetheless,studies have shown that making your bed by the time you wake up can improve your productivity.So,let's give it a try,shall we?

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Thank you so much for reading this article.It literally means a lot to me.

Also,i am planning my holiday/winter content.So,if you have any idea about articles,theme or collaborations,do not hesitate to contact me.I am looking forward for your suggestions!!

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