✩ Things I find aesthetic + My first article ✩

Looking for Alaska

(Book Aesthetic)
girl, sand, and indie image flowers, daisy, and grunge image girl, eyes, and pale image grunge, cigarette, and smoke image
You never get me. That's the whole point.

Alyssa and James

(OTP Aesthetic)
james, quotes, and netflix image book, aesthetic, and art image couple, love, and aesthetic image quotes, Alyssa, and netflix image
Sometimes I think I feel more like myself with James than I do on my own.

Malibu Nights

(Album Aesthetic)
man, men, and lany image Image removed sea, beach, and sunset image car, cigarette, and smoke image
Can I hold on for another night?

Best Part — Daniel Caesar, H.E.R.

(Song Aesthetic)
polaroid, photo, and journal image girl, vintage, and indie image Flagged For Review couple, love, and polaroid image
Where you go I follow, no matter how far.

The End of the F***ing World

(TV Show Aesthetic)
silence, james, and quotes image teotfw, netflix, and Alyssa image Image removed Temporarily removed
To be mad in a deranged world is not madness. It's sanity.


(Singer Aesthetic
bad boys, boys, and hot boys image blue, her, and hero image background, blue, and dark image blue, blue rose, and breathe image

Poetry. Flowers. Fashion. Film.

(Things that make me happy Aesthetic)
theme, aesthetic, and art image flowers image fashion, style, and necklace image vintage, photography, and film image

Part 2 soon ♡ —pat